Located on the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is filled with history, stunning architecture, and vibrant life. Wokings Travel is excited to be your gateway to Ahmedabad, offering a travel experience and a rich cultural immersion. 

Whether you’re an explorer, cultural enthusiast, or seeking adventure, Ahmedabad has something for you. Our ATOL-approved flights ensure peace of mind for your trip. Explore the city’s historic core and the Thol Bird Sanctuary with our detailed travel guide, maximising your visit to this Indo-Saracenic gem.

Flights To Ahmedabad Guide

Before you even set foot in its midst, Ahmedabad beckons with the untold tales of a civilisation that has thrived for centuries. Its UNESCO World Heritage City tag speaks volumes of its architectural and cultural significance, and rightfully so. From the labyrinthine Pols to the iconic Sabarmati Ashram, a walk through Ahmedabad is a walk through the annals of history with a bustling city as its living proof.

Ahmedabad’s allure lies in its ability to cater to diverse interests. Here are the top attractions and activities that make Ahmedabad a must-visit.

  1. Adalaj Stepwell: A striking example of Indian architecture, the stepwell is an oasis of tranquillity.
  2. Sabarmati Ashram: Mahatma Gandhi’s abode during the independence movement is a stark reminder of his frugal yet powerful life philosophy.
  3. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Memorial: Also known as the ‘Iron Man of India,’ this monument is dedicated to Patel’s memory.
  4. Kankaria Lake: A circular lake built in the 15th century, Kankaria offers various activities, from zoo visits to balloon rides.
  5. Jama Masjid is a 15th-century mosque that’s a blueprint of the Indo-Islamic architectural style.
  6. Manek Chowk: A bustling market that serves as a daily street food haven and a jewellery destination by night.
  7. Calico Museum: Celebrated for its historic and contemporary textile collection, it’s a pilgrimage for art lovers.
  8. The Utensil Museum: A unique museum where traditional and modern utensils worldwide are on display.
  9. Scientific City: Packed with informative and entertaining exhibits, it’s perfect for a family outing.
  10. The Secretariat: An imposing building and a testimony to the Mughal architecture that seamlessly blends with a modern urban setting.

Ahmedabad caters to every type of traveller, and its myriad experiences are tailored to suit various adventure styles.

Solo Explorers

For the wanderer in search of solitude and self-discovery, Ahmedabad offers historical marvels and cultural riches. Solo travellers can explore the city at their own pace and absorb every little detail of the architecture as they carve a path through the city’s alleys and markets, learning the stories of its people.


Ahmedabad’s romantic nooks, be it the manicured gardens or the serene walls of the step-wells, are perfect for honeymooners. It offers a blend of serenity and charm, creating a cocoon of love around the new couple.

Families on a Holidays

It’s an educational extravaganza for families. Attractions like the Akshardham Temple and the Children’s City ensure both adults and children are captivated by the historical and educational offerings.


Venture to the Thol Bird Sanctuary or trek the hills of nearby Girnar for an affair with nature. The adrenaline rush is easily found in every corner for the thrill-seeking visitors.

No travel blog is complete without a curated list of must-dos, and Ahmedabad is no different. If you aim to fly to a city offering an unparalleled mix of history, culture, and modernity, these ten activities should be on top of your list.

  1. Take a heritage walk in the old city to soak in the multicultural essence.
  2. Witness the art of making buckets at a traditional bazaar of artisans.
  3. Enjoy a performance at the Sanskar Kendra Museum of Ahmedabad, playing classical performances every week.
  4. Sip a cup of hot tea at any of the local vendors, a ritual for every Ahmedabadi.
  5. History buffs can indulge in the Ahmedabad city tour for an entire day, exploring landmarks and historical sites.
  6. Breathe in the harmony of the city at the Hatheesing Jain Temple.
  7. Go bird watching at the Thol Bird Sanctuary, home to over 100 species of birds.
  8. Delve into the local cuisine with a food tour showcasing the city’s culinary diversity.
  9. Take advantage of the traditional Nautanki performance, a folk art that narrates stories through song and dance.
  10. Ahmedabad’s Law Garden offers a perfect blend of traditional and modern shopping experiences for those seeking retail therapy.

Finding the perfect place to stay in Ahmedabad is crucial for an enjoyable experience. We have classified some top accommodations catering to various preferences and budgets.

Luxury Hotels

  • The Fern: An ecotel hotel offering an environmentally friendly stay without compromising luxury.
  • The Hyatt Regency: Known for its world-class service, spacious rooms, and elegant dining options.
  • The Marriott Hotel: Combines modern luxury with unique design elements, perfect for those seeking sophistication.

Mid-Range Hotels

  • Lemon Tree Hotel: Offers comfortable, vibrant rooms at an affordable price, ideal for business and leisure travellers.
  • Four Points by Sheraton: Delivers excellent service and comfort with all the amenities for a pleasant stay.
  • Ginger Hotel: An intelligent choice for travellers looking for a blend of efficiency and comfort at a good value.

Budget Accommodations

  • Hotel Volga: Centrally located, offering clean and spacious rooms for those on a tight budget.
  • Pinnacle Hotel: Provides basic amenities and comfortable lodging at an economical price.
  • Hotel Furaat Inn: An excellent option for travellers looking for affordability without sacrificing location and cleanliness.

Each of these accommodations offers a unique experience tailored to different needs and expectations. Whether you’re looking for a lap of luxury, a comfortable mid-range stay, or a budget-friendly room, Ahmedabad has something for everyone

Navigating Ahmedabad is a breeze, with various transport options catering to every traveller’s preference and budget. Here’s a breakdown of the most popular modes of transportation within this vibrant city:

Public Buses

  • AMTS (Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service): Offers extensive routes covering the entire city at a very affordable cost. It’s an economical way to get around and experience the city like a local.
  • BRTS (Bus Rapid Transit System): Known for its dedicated corridors that make travel faster during peak hours. It connects significant tourist attractions and is slightly pricier than AMTS but still very reasonable.

Auto Rickshaws

  • Traditional Auto Rickshaws: Easily available throughout the city. It is ideal for short distances and when you need door-to-door service. Prices are negotiable, but agreeing on the fare before starting the trip is advisable.
  • App-based Auto Services: For a more streamlined experience, you can book auto-rickshaws through various app-based platforms. This ensures transparent pricing and eliminates the need to negotiate fares.

Taxis and Cab Services

  • Local Taxi Services: These are available but less prevalent. They can be a comfortable option for longer distances within the city or for day tours around Ahmedabad.
  • Ride-Hailing Apps: Services like Uber and Ola have a strong presence and offer sedan and SUV options for a comfortable ride. Booking through the app provides a hassle-free experience with transparent pricing and route details.

Personal Rentals

  • Bicycle Rentals: For the environmentally conscious and those looking to explore at their own pace, bicycle rentals are a great option. Various shops and services offer bicycles at daily rates.
  • Motorbike and Scooter Rentals: If you’re comfortable navigating traffic and want the freedom to explore on your terms, renting a motorbike or scooter can be an exciting option. Several rental agencies offer these at reasonable daily or weekly rates, with helmets included for safety.

Getting around in the city is an equally exciting adventure. You can choose from the colourful auto-rickshaws to the city buses, which are not just a mode of transport but also a cultural experience. Taxis are readily available, and for those with a flair for the unconventional, there are options for bicycle tours and heritage walks.

Ahmedabad experiences a hot semi-arid climate, with summers from March to June reaching highs of 45°C. The city’s winters are mild, and the best time to visit is from November to Februar

Ahmedabad is 4 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+5.30). If you’re planning your trip from the UK, you’ll be adjusting to India Standard Time

The Indian Rupee (INR) is the currency used in Ahmedabad. You should exchange your money at authorised centres or banks for the best rates.