Faro City, a place in the Algarve Region of Portugal, is among the world’s most visited tourist sites. The Algarve has sandy beaches and lively nights and is known for its cultural diversity. 

Having a feel of Faro, Portugal, only takes a short plane ride to this sunny location. Whether you want to lay on the sand on virgin beaches, discover some past, or eat some delicious food, there is something for everyone in Faro. Order your flight today and fly to this beautiful coastal city for an unforgettable adventure!

Flights To Faro Guide

  1. Discover Faro Old Town: Walk through the enchanting cobbled streets of the old town of Faro, encased by ancient Moorish walls. Find historical sites, delightful squares and traditional Portuguese building styles, including the famous Faro Cathedral and Arco da Vila.
  2. Go to Faro Cathedral: Behold Faro Cathedral or Sé Cathedral, as it is popularly known, dating back to the 13th century. Its impressive architecture, ornate altars and exquisite religious paintings will leave you breathless with awe. Walk up the tower for panoramic views of the city and its environs.
  3. Explore Ria Formosa Natural Park: Take a boat trip around Ria Formosa Nature Park, a stunning coastal lagoon famous for its vast range of ecosystems and bird varieties. Visit untouched islands, sandy beaches, or calm water channels, which are ideal for people who love nature activities.
  4. Chill out at Faro Beaches: Relax on sun-drenched shores of stunning beaches, including Praia de Faro and Ilha Deserta in Faro town, an excellent way to enjoy cold Mediterranean weather, swimming, windsurfing, canoeing and paddle boarding, among others.
  5. Visit Faro Municipal Museum: Learn about the rich cultural heritage far from home by visiting the municipal museum. This entails seeing archaeological stuff, historical exhibitions, and artwork that narrate how this city was created and became part of maritime civilisation.
  6. Enjoy Mercado Municipal de Faroness: Feel the noisy ambience emanating from Mercado Municipal de Faroness, which is an active market within this city centre where farm products are sold together with souvenirs, which are also available there for sale besides local delicacies can be purchased at the food outlets in that place.
  7. You can also visit Tavira for a day: Journeys to the beautiful town of Tavira can be made from Faro within a short distance. Walk through its enchanting old town, see magnificent Moorish sites like Tavira Castle and Roman Bridge, and relax on its unspoiled beaches.
  8. Participate in Water Sporting: In Faro, one can explore various water sporting activities ranging from surfing, snorkelling and jet skiing to parasailing along its coastlines. Adventurous people may also go for exciting boat trips or kayaking around sea caves, cliffs and hidden coves.
  9. Discover the Nightlife: Learn about Faro’s vibrant nightlife, filled with bars, pubs, and clubs catering to everyone’s interests. Some downtown venues offer live music performances, DJ sets and cultural events.
  10. Be Part of Faro Festivals and Events: Get involved in the city’s dynamic cultural scene by attending festivals and occasions throughout the year, such as traditional religious observances and music galas focusing on culinary tours.
  1. HB Faro: Known for its exemplary service and strategic location, 3HB Faro combines modern comfort with beauty. The hotel also offers spacious rooms, a rooftop swimming pool, and a fantastic city view.
  2. Hotel Faro & Beach Club: Hotel Faro & Beach Club is located right at the heart of the historical centre of Faro and features luxurious rooms filled with contemporary designs and traditional charm. Additionally, there are panoramic views of the city from its roof terrace.
  3. AP Eva Senses Hotel: Stylishly situated overlooking the Marina of Faro, this hotel boasts sleek rooms, a rooftop swimming pool, plus a wellness centre for great relaxation during your long trip.
  4. Hotel Ibis Faro: Hotel Ibis is ideal for travellers on a tight budget looking for comfortable accommodation that does not cost much. You can conveniently get to where you want from here since it stands near Faro Airport and the City Centre.
  5. Hotel Made Inn Faro: This boutique hotel has quirky, decorated, cosy guestrooms and personalised services offered by staff. Located centrally, Made Inn will therefore be suitable when you want to visit some places within town.
  6. Opus One Luxury Guest House & Wine: These stylish chambers come with outdoor garden spaces that provide tranquillity when coupled with excellent rooms in Opus One Luxury Guest House & Wine’s serene courtyard setting in the old city centre area. Clients are allowed wine-tasting activities together with personalised service.
  7. Monte Borboleta: A serene getaway into nature awaits those who choose Monte Borboleta just outside of faraway places. Guests can unwind in spacious villas with private pools, allowing them to reconnect themselves again with the Algarve region’s natural beauty.
  8. Vila Joya: Located in Albufeira, Vila Joya is an opulent beachfront resort with a Michelin-starred restaurant and world-class spa. It features elegant rooms with breathtaking views of the ocean and excellent service.
  9. Verdelago Resort: Exclusive Verdelago Resort is located in the beautiful countryside surrounding Faro. These villas are designed with private gardens and offer many amenities, including a golf course, tennis courts and a wellness centre.
  10. Praia Verde: In the Eastern Algarve’s stunning coastline lies this peaceful Praia Verde, with luxurious accommodations. Modern rooms within this establishment offer direct access to the beach, plus several dining options that serve local dishes prepared from fresh ingredients.
  1. Kaira Sushi: Craving Japanese food? Kaira Sushi should be at the top of your list. It has various sushi rolls, sashimi and other Japanese delicacies in an exquisite setting.
  2. Ramos: If you want to eat Portuguese food fantastically, visit O Ramos. This local favourite specialises in sumptuous seafood, grilled meats and traditional Portuguese sweets.
  3. A Tasca Do João: A Tasca Do João is a delightful little restaurant famous for its warm welcome and filling homemade food. Traditional Portuguese dishes prepared with love are served here.
  4. Cidade Velha: Cidade Velha is located within Faro’s historic Old Town, showcasing the finest seafood from the region. You will see plenty of fresh grilled fish or seafood stew.
  5. Wow Sushi Bar Faro: Wow Sushi Bar Faro also prides itself on its trendy atmosphere and inventive sushi concoctions that make it one of the best sushi bars to visit if you’re looking for something unique
  6. Meu Sonho Restaurante: Enjoyable interior and delicious Portuguese dishes- this is what Meu Sonho Restaurante offers those who wish to try authentic local flavours.
  7. Beloponto Churrasqueira & Petiscos: The restaurant offers mouthwatering grilled meats and petiscos; these are small traditional Portuguese dishes that can be enjoyed in a friendly setting.
  8. Santa Maria – Petisca Ria: In Santa Maria – Petisca Ria, there is an enchanting range of petiscos together with fresh seafood along with other famous Portuguese meals found on the riverside
  9. Esboço: Esboço’s approach to Portuguese cuisine is creative and contemporary. Deliciously innovative dishes are served on a plate that is well presented.