Madeira, an archipelago within Portuguese territory, consists of four exquisite islands near Africa. Madeira is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, which includes forests, beaches, and mountains. The weather there is usually hot, making it perfect for outdoor activities. One exciting thing about Madeira is their special Madeira wine, which people love due to its uniqueness. While in Madeira, you can go hiking or visit colorful gardens; alternatively, you can relax on the beach. The main city on these islands is Funchal, where you can find exciting places to explore, vibrant markets, and tasty foods representing the local tastes.

Flights To Madeira Guide

  1. Funchal: Pass through the lively capital with its ancient cobblestone roads, historic landmarks like Sé Cathedral, and vibrant farmers’ market Mercado dos Lavradores.
  2. Ponta de São Lourenço: Roam around this cape full of rough cliffs, coastal paths, and various plants and animals. Do not miss out on breathtaking views from Ponta do Furado.
  3. Laurisilva Forest: Explore this forest, listed by UNESCO due to its being rich in flora and fauna, such as different birds, together with hiking routes marked by Levada do Caldeirão Verde.
  4. Levada Walks: Take hikes along old water channels called levadas that are used for irrigation. Such places have picturesque villages and green valleys throughout their length.
  5. Santana: Immerse yourself in traditional Madeiran life in this village famous for triangular thatched huts. In Santana Theme Park, handicrafts and expositions are dedicated to rural life.
  6. Porto Moniz: Swim in natural volcanic pools created by ancient lava streams bordered by high rocks. Check out the city’s historical fort or walk along its delightful streets either way you choose.
  7. Cabo Girão: Be amazed at some of Europe’s highest sea cliff views. Wander along trails hugging precipices or visit the glass floor observation point up here, too.
  8. Camara de Lobos: Relish in a picturesque harbor with multi coloured boats all around it and narrow streets lined up with cafes and shops where ferrule music and dancing concerts take place annually; there are also local festivals to celebrate music, dance, and food.
  9. Porto Santo Island: Savor the sun on beautiful sandy beaches and swim in clear water. The best way to see the island is by taking part in hiking, diving, or horse-riding tours.
  10. Monte: Retreat to this quiet hillside above Funchal. You can find beautiful gardens, ride typical wicker sledges there, and visit historical sites like Monte Church.
  1. Walking around Funchal
  2. Exploring Porto Moniz 
  3. Going up Monte 
  4. Exploring Camara de Lobos 
  5. Visit Santana’s Thatched Houses 
  6. Unwinding in Machico 
  7. Watching Sunsets in Ponta do Sol 
  8. Discovering Curral das Freiras 
  9. Admiring Ponta do Pargo’s Clifftop Views 
  10. Trekking through Ribeiro Frio’s Forest
  1. Hotel The Cliff Ba 
  2. Porto Mare Hotel 
  3. Quinta Jardins do Lago
  4. Suite Hotel Eden Ma
  5. Reid’s Palace, A Belmond Hotel 
  6. Pestana Royal Premium All-Inclusive Ocean & Spa Resort
  7. Savoy Palace.
  8. The Vine Hotel
  9. Belmond Reid’s Palace
  10. Quinta da Casa Branca